Terms & Conditions

1. Pricing and payment of items sold to Little Threads

We’re keen to put some money back in your pocket for your outgrown items.  Within 5-7 days of receipt of your items we will contact you with an offer price. We do not price items individually – instead, we’ll confirm which clothes we can re-sell and provide a single price for that group of items, which will depend on the brand and the condition they’re in. All price offers are non-negotiable and at Little Threads' discretion.

If you choose to accept the pricing offer, payment will be made into your nominated PayPal or bank account within 3 days of offer confirmation.

If you choose not to accept the pricing offer, you can choose to have items forwarded to our charity partners, or returned to you.

2. Payment of Selection Boxes

Full payment for selection boxes is made upon order during the checkout process using the Shopify Payments platform. There are no transaction fees for orders made using Shopify Payments.

3. Delivery

All of our selection boxes and mailing bags are send via Royal Mail, 2nd Class service. For further information see our Delivery page.

4. Replacements and Returns

We'd love you to keep our items, enjoy them, or extend the thread further and pass them on.

But if we haven't got an item quite right in size or style, please return it in the pre-paid postage bag enclosed in your selection box within 10 days of receipt, and choose whether to have the item replaced or refunded.

As we don't price our clothes by the item, we will refund them at a non-negotiable price proportionate to the overall box price. e.g. if you bought a premium Top-up selection box of 6 items for £45.00, items will be refunded at £7.50 per item.