Got beautiful outgrown clothes with plenty of life still left in them? It’s simple to send your items to us:


Complete the form below

We’ll send you a pre-paid mailing bag (each can hold between 20-25 items of clothing, depending on the size and bulkiness of the items).


Check and Prepare your items

Please check the list of ITEMS WE ACCEPT, ensure that they meet our QUALITY STANDARDS and are freshly laundered.


Fill and Return the bag to us

We really recommend waiting until you have enough items to fill a bag to save time and cost, but please don’t overfill it!


With in 5 days we’ll be in touch with an offer

We’ll detail which items we can re-sell with a single price for those items. If you accept, we’ll make a payment to your designated PayPal or Bank account. If not, we’ll happily pass then to our charity partners or return them.


Before sending your items, please complete this checklist, confirming you have read and understand our T&Cs and that your items meet our quality checks:

Stock Item Checklist:

  • Clean and free of stains
  • No rips or broken zips
  • No worn elbows or knees, or piling
  • In excellent, nearly new condition (or better!)
  • Freshly laundered and ironed

Would you love a stylishly organised kids wardrobe & money back for their outgrown clothes?

We're proud to work in partnership with happynested - a home organising service - to offer an exclusive edit, organise and sell service for your little one's wardrobe. The service is available in selected locations across the South East.

We'll also provide you with a 20% discount on beautiful pre-loved items to top-up gaps in their wardrobe with items they need in styles and brands they love.